Dienstag, Oktober 06, 2009


Sowas liest man doch immer gerne. Danke Kazu!

German skateboard filmer and long time buddy Lucas Fiederling sent me the following clip of our dog Malte Schroers covering Wyclef’s “Sweetest Girl”. This clip somehow made my day as I haven’t seen Malte for a while now since he moved out of Germany to teach kitesurfing. Not only can he sing, play the guitar and kitesurf, no that dude also can skate like a lil’ god. I remeber that handrail session back in 2005 or 2006 in Barcelona where he did like 15 tricks on the rail within 30 minutes…It’s good to see those young guns growing up and Malte aswell as Lucas who filmed and edited this clip have all my respect for being who they are.
By the way Lucas has recently published a German skatevideo completely on his own without getting paid just for the love for skateboarding. The video is called “Done” and features full parts of Pascal “Pancho” de Stena, Kilian Heuberger, Mark Frölich, Chris Pfanner, Lucas Fiederling, Keno Ringering and Bülent Kurtca. Our teamrider Jan Meusen who has now moved to Barcelona will also have a little part in the video. The DVD will be distributed for free in the German skateboard magazine Monster Skateboard Magazine aswell as in selected skatestores in Germany. Check out the trailer below.

Oh and if you like Malte’s clip please spread it…I would love to see this viral thing going.


At 6:49 nachm., Anonymous Anonym said...

Hallo Lucas,

ich würde gern mal wissen was das für ein Song ist der während des Menüs läuft auf der DONE DVD?

Mir gefällt die DVD auf jeden Fall sehr gut. Ich danke euch für's zusammenschnibbeln!

Bis denne ...


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